Limousines – Bespoke Tenders – Chase Ribs

With over 20 years dedicated experience in this field we are perfectly placed to serve your needs, from 6m carbon built one offs to 17.5m catamaran limousines we have an extensive portfolio to choose from.

Medasia Yachting  offer the highest standard of bespoke interior and exterior design consultancy for your vessel. We employ of a team of skilled and experienced designers utilising the latest in engineering modelling methods to render both vessel and design concepts.

Interim Tender Supply

Due to increased demand over the past seasons we have created a unique yacht tender interim supply service for our clients. We have a access to a variety of tenders either in stock or currently being brokered by us that can be made available at short notice for varying lengths of time.
Designed for those who are looking for a short term replacement, an additional tender for a busy period or whilst we oversee the build of your new boat.

Storage & Transport

We are pleased to be able to provide a number of yacht tender storage options based in various European and Middle East locations. Available for all boats that are directly listed with us. We will arrange and manage all transportation logistics for the pick up and delivery and additional transportation and safe keeping thereafter.
All listed boats are handled by sales focused individuals without accumulating unnecessary storage costs during the sales process.

Tender Appraisal

Our yacht tender appraisal service is available for owners looking into the possibility of selling or exchanging their current boat. Our team of professionals will provide you with an accurate market value for your asset based upon the age and condition of the boat taking into account our brokerage, part exchange and trade purchase offerings. This is a no obligation service and allows you to consider the most efficient sales solution based upon your requirements.

Custom Console Works

Our client programme – and utilisation of computer assisted design methods – places our clients in a collaborative process where parameters can be readily adjusted at your request. Every stage of your project is illustrated with an intuitive model that allows you to anticipate preferences, identify potential issues and determine ideal solutions. This process mitigates uncertainty and allows clients to achieve the optimum outcomes from the design process.

Medasia Yachting construct and refit a range of vessels for the commercial and private sectors. Operating from our principal facility in Malta, we offer our clients an expert team of maritime consultants, marine engineers and shipwrights to deliver vessels that perform and have the aesthetics to suit the Mother vessel.