Re-Fit & Repair

During you re-fit take a moment to evaluate the services we offer, from under water works to ceramic coating Medasia Yachting has it in place, with an a pool of day workers and sub contractors we are able to supply on-site engineers and shipwrights.

An interconnected well placed team of experts are available to assist you though the re-fit periods.

Contact us for a detailed list of services of what we can provide to you.

We are agents for Zytexx, the ceramic coating specialist paint protection program with the outlet and application available in 3 different locations.

Zytexx Marine Coating

On over 90 vessels in the Mediterranean alone, Zytexx is quickly becoming the new industry standard in resilient, easy-clean coatings.

Zytexx is a new class of coating made possible by recent advances in ceramic chemistry. Longevity, high gloss and easy cleaning are the standout features of our flagship Zytexx clear-coat.

Make it happen

Zytexx cuts your cleaning time down to a fraction. By preventing diesel soot from permanently staining polyurethane paints, you can avoid unsightly and expensive damage and eliminate the need to tediously polish out these defects. With its hard, scratch-resistant properties, fenders and hawsers mark Zytexx far less than paint. Keeping what is important, protected!