The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

We got the tools

With a professional “hands on ” approach our knowledge in the industry allows us to use the tools to apply quick, efficient works whether afloat or in the dock.

Certified Experience

Our dedicated professional team are well qualified to advise in most capacities including Class certification.

Competitive Pricing

We limit our client base so pricing is economically better and more focused to provide full value for money services.


We stand by what we do, we pass on all guarantees for parts and services supplied, contact us for a detailed report and on further information.

50 Years Experience

Between the founder members we have more than 50 combined years of experience in the industry, from build to re-fit and working deck areas.

Great Support

What makes us different is that we are approachable, as a client you have direct contact straight to the partners and not and back office of yacht managers.

Medasia Yachting is made up of a team of professionals with various backgrounds of the marine services industry.  Our team is here to assist and support your requirements to enable you to enjoy your yachting.

We offer Yacht Sales, Yacht Charter, Yacht Agents, Management & Consultancy Services, and attend to your needs in a professional manner.

Clearance Services

Vessel (Port) clearance & extension
Visa application, & extension (Crew Bonds)
Firearms & Explosives clearance Guide, information & advice for Local Waters

Local Services

Fuel & Water bunkering
Laundry & Dry clearing
Fresh & dry provision
Bonded Stores
Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) restocking
Mobile phone rental
Insurance & surveys
Miscellaneous procurement

Manufacturers’ Representatives

International supplies procurement for Marine Equipment & Hardware

Engine, deck & cabin stores replenishing
Refit & Repairs: ( Marine Systems Engineering, Commissioning)
Design /New construction / Refit: (Pipe Fitting, Marine Electrical Works, Fairing and Painting)
Reverse Osmosis Membrane testing / service

We strive to maximize our ability to provide quality products that meet or exceed our customers requirements by maintaining continuous improvement of our employees, processes, products and customer service.

Every employee is encouraged to identify, review and continually strive for improvement in all areas of the company to assure customer satisfaction.

At Medasia Yachting we understand that the client’s requirements and needs which are fundamental points for securing the yacht Agents. For this reason, we rely on our knowledge, experience, and personal relationships in offering our clients the best yacht services for the right value.

Medasia yachting team is always on hand to consult and guide you with the best opportunities and availabilities that the yachting market has to offer.

Open chat

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