Clearvac – Malta & The Middle East

The Clearvac Group have over 30 years experience commissioning and servicing
Waste Water, HVAC, Desalination and Water Production.

We offer a truly global service with offices in EuropeAsia, Brazil, Malta & The Middle East

Clearvac Group service all grey water drainage systems with our newly formulated product; Eco Drain-away is a fast acting non corrosive drain cleaner which causes rapid decomposition of any organic waste matter. Eco Drain-away can be used on all grey water gravity systems such as accommodation & galley drainage, preventing health & safety issues and potential down time.

Representing Clearvac in Malta & the Middle East for all Clearvac services, Super yachts, Cruise Liner, O&G and commercial operations, Medasia Marine & Yachting and Clearvac deliver these services directly to you.

Clearvac Group offer a wide variety of Air Hygiene Services to any number of ventilation systems. These range from the Bridge, Accommodation, Galley, Laundry, Hospital, Control room and Staff areas to name a few. Carrying out these services are crucial to ensuring the systems are compliant with current Health & Safety, Industry standard, Insurance Guidance and Regulations keeping any air supplied to an occupied area to a compliant standard. In the case of the extract systems ensuring that any fire hazards are removed and providing a Clearvac certification for insurance purposes.